ZEN Otaku Honbu Newsteam is currently inside the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2 for its coverage of HERO Face Off 2. This page is a live blog of ZEN’s complete wall-to-wall coverage of the event from start to finish. Refresh this page regularly for updates. You can also check our twitter account at twitter.com/ZENhonbu.


6:55 PM – TV Patrol Weekend was not able to feature the HERO Face Off news item in time. This concludes our liveblog coverage of HERO Face Off 2. Thank you very much for keeping tab on the event with us.

6:30 PM – Program proper has just finished, but the event itself will be kept open until 08:00pm MNL.

6:24 PM – Face Off (Individual) winners (names of cosplayers to be updated later): Runner-up (PhP 10,000, plaque of recognition, gift packs from Comic Alley & HEROtv): Mobile Suit Girl (Gundam Zero); Champion (STGCC 2012 participation, plaque of recognition, PhP 30,000, gift packs from Comic Alley & HEROtv): ? (Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy Dissidia)

6:05 PM – League of Heroes (Group) winners: Runner-up (PhP 10,000, plaque of recognition, gift packs from Comic Alley & HEROtv): WTF/NCPH (Monster Hunter); Champion (PhP 20,000, plaque of recognition, gift packs from Comic Alley & HEROtv): Team Suna (Naruto Shippuuden)

6:00 PM – Kids Squad winners (spellings of names may be wrong, to be updated later): Runner-up: Zaire John Salazar (Gundam); Champion: Bolenn Lareza (?)

5:52 PM – We are just moments away from finding out the winners of the various categories of HERO Face Off 2. HEROtv channel head Ruel Ferrer is on stage right now, thanking everyone for supporting the event.

5:41 PM – Roldan is gracing the stage right now, to be followed by Sumbe in a little while.

5:32 PM – Face Off (Individual) Category has just finished. Last year’s HERO Face Off winners, Stephanie Sumbe and Mary Grace Roldan, are about to go on stage.

5:13 PM – Interesting tidbit: HEROtv channel head Ruel Ferrer had mentioned to ZEN Otaku Honbu that HERO Face Off 2 was supposed to be streamed live online, but they lacked the time to settle the technical requirements for live-streaming. Guess we’ll have to settle for the TV special, then.

5:05 PM – The second batch of Face Off contestants are starting to grace the stage right now.

5:00 PM – First batch of Face Off contestants have finished gracing the stage. Before the second batch gets their turn, the Michiko Geisha group is performing on stage right now.

4:42 PM – The main event, the Face Off (Individual) Category, is starting right now!

4:39 PM – Before the Face Off (Individual) Category starts, a special presentation from Shaiya cosplayers is happening on stage right now.

4:34 PM – League of Heroes (Group) Category has just finished. All 5 cosplay groups have performed their skits on stage.

4:30 PM – Cosplay groups who have performed their skits so far are Project 8 (Power Rangers), GC (The King of Fighters), WTF/NCPH (Monster Hunter), and Team Suna (Naruto Shippuden). Last group performing right now is Crossovers (various anime).

4:01 PM – League of Heroes (Group) Category now in progress!

03:57 PM – Before the League of Heroes (Group) Category starts, a hotdog-eating contest sponsored by HERO Sausages is being held right now. Three volunteers from the audience are participating in the contest.

03:54 PM – Kids Squad Category has just finished. All 13 kid cosplayers have graced the stage.

03:45 PM – JC Cuadrado, DJ Tracy and Colleen Garcia are hosting the event proper. Kids Squad category competition now starting!

03:35 PM – Program proper now starting! Kids Squad category competition to proceed first.

03:25 PM – ZEN Otaku Honbu has just spotted the news crew from ABS-CBN News for tonight’s TV Patrol Weekend. According to one of the crew members, there is no reporter to handle the news item. Instead, a news reader (a report where the news anchor reads the script while a video montage of the news event is running) will be shown.

03:23 PM – Kids Squad category will start in a few moments.

03:08 PM – The event proper was expected to start at 03:00pm, but as of yet nothing is happening on stage. Kids Squad Category competition to start at 03:30pm.

03:02 PM – Registration  for the Individual Category is now closed with finality. Final Count: 55 Individual Cosplayers.

02:39 PM – Under HEROtv’s discretion, the registration for the Individual Category has been extended, and a cut-off time will be announced later.

02:36 PM – Final Count: 13 Kid Cosplayers, and 5 Group Cosplayers.

02:33 PM – Registrations for the Individual category has been closed, and there will be 51 participants.

02:32 PM – Registrations for the Kids category has been closed, and there will be 13 Kid participants.

02:15 PM – ZEN correspondent Kira has reported that people are converging outside Megatrade hall 3. They are preparing for either Face Off or Otaku Expo.

02:00 PM – Anime Alliance reports that there are now 42 cosplayers participating in the Individual competition.

01:47 PM – PA system has just announced that registration for the cosplay competition has been extended to 02:30 PM MNL. Meanwhile, the MMDA Traffic Navigator reports thats traffic at EDSA-Megamall in both lanes are light.

01:39 PM – Anime Alliance reports that representatives from Best of Anime have arrived to sell tickets for The Best of Anime 2011 at the Anime Alliance booth. Tickets for AME Monogatari and Cosplay Mania 11 are also being sold here at HERO Face Off 2.

01:30 PM – ZEN Otaku Honbu has just learned that 37 individual, 13 kids, and 4 group cosplayers have registered for the cosplay competition.

01:19 PM – Anime Alliance reports on their facebook page that an eventgoer had an asthma attack, and is being treated now by ABS-CBN medic and AAP staff.

01:17 PM – More attendees arrive for the event. Event starts at 03:00pm MNL.

01:05 PM – ZEN Otaku Honbu’s Event Correspondent Kira has arrived, and has spotted the cosplayer Don Robert Torio… cross-dressing. NSFW Guys~!

12:44 PM – Observations: You may think that the venue is too big for this kind of event, but you will see that the event has minimal booths (like Anime toys, merchandise) and the event is definitely in order. Let’s wait for about two more hours.

11:45 AM – ZEN Otaku Honbu has talked to John Karlsson, Co-Owner of Strong Media Corp. (http://www.strongmediacorp.com), the events management company in charge of the technical operations of HERO Face Off 2.

10:20 AM – Anime Alliance has just posted on their facebook page that there will be a pre-selling of UP AME Monogatari tickets, there will also be pre-selling of The Best of Anime tickets at the venue at 01:00pm MNL. At the moment, there is a pre-selling of tickets for Cosplay Mania 11.

11:10 AM – ZEN Otaku Honbu’s PBNarutionian and JM are now inside the venue, programme proper is expected to start at 03:00pm MNL.

10:20 AMZEN Otaku Honbu correspondent PBNarutonian reports that the on-site registration for the cosplay competition are open.

09:50 AMZEN Otaku Honbu correspondent PBNarutonian is already inside SM Megamall, and has spotted significant number of cosplayers at the venue.